Hello and welcome to my blog, I’m Mary! This blog is where I will talk about all of my Young Living essential oils and  products, the stuff I make with them, and anything else that has to do with natural wellness about doing living! 😊 I hope you enjoy and stick around for my daily or weekly adventures! 

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Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance!

So today I’ve finally accepted that I am horribly unorganzing when it comes to homeschooling and I don’t really plan our school days out properly. I buckled down, downloaded a “to-do” app that came with a handy widget to put on my home screen on my phone so I can see it every time I open my phone. I sat down, thought about all of what Lily needs to learn (math, reading, writing etc.) as well as everyday living things such as, folding clothes and towels, helping clean dishes, learning how to set the table, fun kid-friendly (with adult supervision) cooking, and things like that. 

I picked things that we would do everyday and then a few things that we would only do on specific days of the week, Monday through Friday. It is a big help to have everything prepared and planned out so I don’t miss a beat trying to juggle classes, events, general working, and homeschooling! So if you find that you’re having troubles getting organized or you’re having a hard time planning what you’re going to teach all week I urge you to get an organizer or a really nice to-do app and just sit down, think about what your child likes to do and what they need to learn how to do for their age, and stick to it! It’s so much easier than winging it, I promise!

Cleaning with Thieves!

For the past few months I’ve strictly used thieves household cleaner to clean everything! I made a soft scrub with the cleaner, baking soda, and a few drops of lemon essential oil to clean my sink, I mop my floor by mixing the cleaner with water and a few drops of pine essential oil (so amazing, no chemicals, and I still get that amazing smell!), I clean my entire bathroom and kitchen with a capful of the cleaner in a glass spray bottle and fill the rest with water. The amazing thing about thieves household cleaner is that it’s super concentrated so it lasts forever!

(My before and after of the kitchen sink after using the soft scrub. I’ve been trying to clean those stains out for two years, nothing that I tried worked until I found Thieves Household Cleaner!)

Not only does Young Living have this wonderful household cleaner, they also sell other products through the Thieves line, like dishwasher powder, dishwashing soap, Essential Oil infused fruit and veggie soak, fruit and veggie spray(for on the go fruit and veggie cleaning), toothpaste for you and your kids, mouthwash, and a few more things! Tonight we decided to have fruit salads for dinner and I used the fruit and veggie soak to give our fruit a proper cleaning before consumption (no more weird film on our apples!), and I’m very happy with it! It’s also pretty concentrated so a little goes a long way! Before I started learning about the thieves line of Young Living I didn’t know that just water wasn’t enough to really get all of the chemicals and things that were on my fruit and veggies! So win for me! This product will stay in my house forever, along with many of the other products that I use.

If you have ever tried any of the thieves products, let me know how you like them, if you’ve never heard of Thieves or Young Living, let me know if you’re interested in learning more! I have online classes on my Facebook page! Thanks for reading!

I’m back & it’s been too long!

Hello everyone, sorry I’ve been gone so long but I have been a little busy with family matters and my young living business! That being said, I’m back!

So yesterday I did something huge, I went through all of my bathroom cabinets and got rid of all of my chemically products i.e. mouthwash that I didn’t make or didn’t get from YL, cleaners that have been down there just sitting, my lotions and body washes from Bath & Body works(sad business but I want it out!), my husband’s scented lotions and cologne from B&B Works…you get the picture. I even got rid of a lot of medicines since I’ve been mainly using my essential oils to support my overall wellness! Speaking of which, I went out and got a Capsule Machine, which I got from Mountain Rose Herbs, you can also find it here. I grabbed a couple of bags of gelatin capsules from another store and made my way on home…(side note, you can get 1,000 gelatin capsules on Amazon for less than 8 dollars *facepalm* I spent over 7 dollars for 200! Okay..tiny rant over) 

I’ve been wanting to make some capsules to help with seasonal support and digestion support for awhile now! I must say that I am so impressed with how easy this machine is to work with! I mean…my husband helped, mainly because it’s something new and he likes to see how new things work, but I made a batch by myself and just wow!

Everytime I look at that picture I’m in awe! I did it! I made a capsule and only had to watch one 2 minute youtube video! (Yes only 1!)

Okay! Moving on from my awesome accomplishment, I found an amazing new fruit spread at the grocery store, surprisingly made by Smuckers and it only has 5 ingredients, all of which I know, and it is sweetened with honey! No corn syrup or any crap like that, check it out! (And no I’m not sponsored by anyone, I just really want you guys to try it out.) Until I can find an organic jam, or make my own, I’m going with this for my kiddo’s sandwiches, however I’m open to recipes and suggestions for sure!

Last but not least *drum roll*, I went to goodwill today in search of a new display for my oils and YL goodies and look at what I walked past and almost left but luckily had my mom who never overlooks wonderful things!

Pretty perfect right?! I’m so stoked! I cleaned it up with some thieves household cleaner (it wasn’t horrible I just like to clean everything that I get from 2nd hand stores) and set it up and had everyone come and look at it! I’ve never found a place to put my oils that was this perfect! With that, I bid you all farewell for the night and I will try to post at least once or twice a week if not more! 

*If anyone is interested in learning more about Young Living, I do online classes on Facebook that I will start doing on my Natural Yoyo page, I would love to see you there, and if you already know about oils, you can attend as well and learn how I use them on a daily basis!*



So 1 out of 3 of the little veggies that we were growing finally sprouted, but..they were molded. My daughter was super happy to see the little sprouts in the tube, and it was pretty cute! I think what happened with the other two was my fault, I think I packed too much dirt into the tube. The molding was most likely due to how moist the soil was, but I had followed the instructions pretty well when it came to that so, I’m not sure where I went wrong.

All of these discoveries lead to a fun trip to Wilco, where they had baby chicks and little ducklings! We found our new soil, stared at all of the babies and went on our way.

When we got home we hung out for a little while, my mom and daughter play some games, and we had a little lunch. After all of that we finally got to planting,  Little put the soil in each tube, and it was the cutest thing! She did so well! Then I put the seeds in, we watered them a little, and that was that! Now hopefully, with this learning experience, we can properly record the progress!

Cheater Cheater Pumpkin Eater!

Hello everyone! I haven’t mentioned this yet. But I suppose it’s about time…I’m doing the 21 day fix program to learn how to eat clean and healthy, and currently I’m on day 7! I’ve been sick for the past 4 days and haven’t been able to do my workouts 😞 but I’ve been sticking strictly to the eating plan until today….

I decided, I wanted to have a cheat day,  and I did! With beachbody they say a cheat day or two a week might be a good thing. But here’s the thing, I don’t want this cheat day to turn into a cheat week, month, year, and just completely give up on it. I’ve been doing very well and I want to hold myself accountable for my actions and make myself get back on track no matter how hard it is!

This was just my little rant about that…I need to see it to remind myself that I can and will continue with my plan and get down to my goal weight!! Okay okay, rant over! Tune in tomorrow for our update on our little root viewing project! ❤❤❤


So before I had mentioned that me and the tiny human were going to be doing a mini project, and we got it done, here it is! 

We’re growing carrots, green onions, and radishes. We will be tracking their growth and keeping our eyes on them as they sprout into little root vegetables. Her grandma got her this little kit for her birthday, which was back in April, and we finally got around to doing it! Everything is a learning experience, and it is all apart of the way that we homeschool. 😊

Here’s where you can buy your own root viewer kit!

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Sick Days..

Oh lovely sick days..everyone has them. ​My little and I caught some nasty little bug a couple of days ago, and I always try turn to my essential oils for immune system support so yesterday I ended up making two roller bottles, one the had Thieves and Tea Tree essential oils for our feet, and one with R.C. and Tea Tree to put on the chest. I’ve been diffusing purification and thieves for days and it helped clear the air, and that’s always a good thing when you’re coughing and sneezing everywhere right? 

This morning I woke up to a wonderful suggestion from someone in my up line, a fellow oiler with a lot more experience, she told me to try lemon and peppermint essential oils on the spine,  Thieves and frankincense essential oils on our feet, and R.C. essential oil on the chest. All of that support gave us the kick in the pants we needed! Our bodies are working overtime to kick this bug to the curb! 

That being said, we have a mini homeschool project that I will do another post about later today or tomorrow! It’s the cutest thing ever another and I’m excited to share!

If you would like to make the roller bottles mentioned above here are the mixtures:

Chest Blend:

  • 25 drops of R.C. EO
  • 25 drops of Tea Tree EO
  • Fill to the top with carrier oil (I used jojoba)

Thieves blend:

  • 25 drops of Thieves EO
  • 25 drops of Tea tree EO
  • Fill to the top with carrier oil

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